No referral should every slip through the cracks.

Referrals are an essential element in patient care.   Sadly, the fact that most referrals are sent via the fax machine in this day and age is hard to believe and it should be even harder to accept.   There is no record of receipt, no ability to check the status, no concurrent communications to the patient, no ability to attach medical files, notes or images. No audit trail. Faxes get lost, misplaced, overlooked, or simply lost.  No medical practitioner should accept the use of the fax machine as an acceptable piece of any modern practice. 

If you care about patient engagement, a more efficient office, and referral leakage you need to look at ezReferral. 

We designed ezReferral based upon 30 years of practicing medicine and hundreds of conversations with practitioners.  We understand the practice of medicine and our common challenges.  We also used a lot of common sense in how we built ezReferral.  We know your challenges, and limited resources. We created ezReferral to be easy to implement but highly intelligent in how it works the way you work.

The fax machine will be gone some day but you still need to manage those referrals too.  We understand that and let you manage all your referrals in one place.  Our primary goals in designing ezReferral were:

1.  A centralized dashboard where you can access any piece of information about any referral.   

2. A complete audit trail of any activity that touches a particular referral. 

3.  Automated patient engagement tools/reminders.  

4.  The ability to econsult from anywhere in the world.

5. The ability to have multiple appointments at different facilities. 

6. Online form integration.  We put a small piece of code on your website and referrers can complete the form, hit submit and that's it. Your office will receive an email notification of the new referral.   Attached to the email is a PDF of the referral that you can attach to a patient record.  Concerned about patient leakage?  Have the email and PDF sent to your business team as well. 

7. The online forms can have conditional logic built in so the form changes based upon what criteria are selected.

8. The forms can be incorporated into your custom workflow process.

9.  Automated appointment reminders are sent as often as you want to patients and care givers.

10.  There's much more and that's best left for your eyes to see.  Complete the form to the right and we will arrange a short demo for you.  We are confident you will be impressed. 

11. Pricing?  $50.00 per user per month. Yup that's all.  

  • Save time and money
  • Reduce paper work
  • Improve office efficiencies
  • Collaborate
  • Secure and compliant
  • Complete audit trail
  • Improved patient experience
  • Better information accuracy